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Doctor Monica Lewis - Testimonial

(The Brilin centre) is very dedicated to helping people understand and possibly point out a different viewpoint of one’s own healthcare. The machine they use is just amazing in how the software functions. I have no hesitation of recommending attending their centre. 


I personally was driven from Christchurch to Timaru many times and found the experience very helpful.  Also have an appointment at their new Christchurch clinic. So, anyone with the slightest interest of furthering their knowledge of one’s own health This is the place to help you. Signed CJ Sheard (2019)

This is a great place to visit even if you are well and just want a health check. William was so generous with his time and knowledge. It has meant that I am able to pin down the health issue that was holding me back. I am so grateful. EJB​ (2019)

We are so encouraged with our healing journey and feeling so blessed to have met you guys and the amazing technology you have at your fingertips for discovering answers to health problems – Cathy (2019)

I was very impressed by the depth and breadth of knowledge William had. I had many questions and he was able to answer them without hesitation. William is a genuinely caring person and is obviously very dedicated to helping people regain or improve their health and wellbeing.


I went to see William as I had a few minor health issues that were not resolving and wanted to try the Asyra scan to see what came up. I was very impressed with its thoroughness. William spent a long time going through this report and ensuring I understood what it meant and what actions I could take immediately.


I had previously had NES scans and treatment for 6 months (a scan each month which was difficult to follow any indicated changes month to month - with 4-6 infocuticals as they called them at extra cost). This was done all online.


At Brilin the consultation was 2 hours of constant information relevant to me, what I can do for myself, what was available in the clinic to help if needed. AND I went home with my bottle of "drops" INCLUDED in the cost of the consultation.


Brilin is a place where as soon as you walk in you feel calm, welcomed by your practitioner. The room I was in was an elctro quiet environment. There were facilities are available which I had not found in another clinic - let alone all in one place.


I have already recommended Brilin to a colleague who was equally impressed with the treatment she received. 

I would have no hesitation in recommending you seek out their help in improving your health - you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Sue 2019

I'm so grateful Christchurch now has a well-equiped functional medicine centre where people who are struggling healthwise, and/or those who've been given a discouraging prognosis, can get the healing support they need. SK​

I have found the Brilin Centre to be a wonderful facility that provides an environment focused on YOUR health and healing. It helps you to focus your mind and body on your ability to heal. It provides you with many choices of to assist your healing.


You are given the opportunity to be in control of your health but are also offered advice and support when needed.

I have been coming for over 3-months and very happy to meet other Brilin clients who have a positive approach to healing.


I would definitely recommend the Brilin Clinic to anyone with any form of serious health concerns. Nicki 2020

Just to let you know (our boy) has had a great response to the (homeopathy) drops.  The skin on his hands has cleared up, something that hasn’t happened in a very long time (years).  He’s really thrilled and we appreciate the scope of information and support the Brilin clinic provided.

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