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Christchurch Rife Clinic
Christchurch Rife Centre
Rife New Zealand

Doctor Monica Lewis

(The Brilin centre) is very dedicated to helping people understand and possibly point out a different viewpoint of one’s own healthcare. The machine they use is just amazing in how the software functions. I have no hesitation of recommending attending their centre. 


I personally was driven from Christchurch to Timaru many times and found the experience very helpful.  Also have an appointment at their new Christchurch clinic. So, anyone with the slightest interest of furthering their knowledge of one’s own health This is the place to help you. Signed CJ Sheard (2019)

This is a great place to visit even if you are well and just want a health check. William was so generous with his time and knowledge. It has meant that I am able to pin down the health issue that was holding me back. I am so grateful. EJB​ (2019)

We are so encouraged with our healing journey and feeling so blessed to have met you guys and the amazing technology you have at your fingertips for discovering answers to health problems – Cathy (2019)

I'm so grateful Christchurch now has a well-equiped functional medicine centre where people who are struggling healthwise, and/or those who've been given a discouraging prognosis, can get the healing support they need. SK​



DISCLAIMER: Brilin does not  claim to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition. We can only offer an informational support service. This is not intended to replace or to be a substitute for qualified health professional advice or treatment. Everyone is urged to further research for themselves the information discussed and consult with their own health professional.​ This complementary and alternative medicine and practices and claims are in no way to be regarded as a first source alternative to orthodox medicinal advice and as such should be regarded as a second tier response.

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8 Settlers Crescent, Ferrymead



7 Heath Street, Gleniti

Brilin Functional Medicine Centre

phone 0800 774 885

Brilin Wellness Support Centre

7 Heath Street, Timaru, New Zealand

Phone 0800 774 885

Brilin Functional Medicine Centre