Discover the Power of Energetic Hair Analysis!


Welcome to a groundbreaking approach to wellness that goes beyond traditional hair testing. At The Brilin Centre, we offer a cutting-edge hair analysis service that delves deep into the energetic state of your body, providing you with insights and remedies that can transform your health and well-being.


What Sets Us Apart?


Unlike standard hair testing, which typically covers only a limited range of factors like allergies or heavy metals, our advanced scanning technology allows us to ask your body thousands of questions through your hair or fingernail clippings. We're not just scratching the surface; we're diving into the energetic intricacies of your body's balance.


Here's What We Explore:


Energetic Status of 40 Major Organs:

We assess the vital energy flow within your major organs, helping you understand how they contribute to your overall well-being.


Nutritional Assessment: Discover your body's unique nutritional needs, ensuring you get the support you require for peak health.


Metabolic Disturbance: Identify and address any disruptions in your metabolic processes, so you can optimize your body's efficiency.


Dental Profile: Uncover connections between your oral health and your overall vitality, offering you holistic insights into your well-being.


Hormonal Profile: Balance is key, and we help you understand and harmonize your hormonal state for improved vitality.


Toxicity: Detect and manage any toxic elements that may be affecting your body's energy balance.


Phenolic Sensitivity: Uncover any sensitivities to phenolic compounds that could be impacting your health.


Emotional Stressors: Understand how emotional factors may be influencing your energetic well-being and find ways to address them.


Trace Minerals: Ensure you have the essential trace minerals your body needs for optimal functioning.


Vertebral Profile: Gain insights into your spine's energetic balance, which plays a crucial role in your overall health.


Miasm Influence: Explore the energetic impact of inherited miasms on your well-being.


TMJ Stress: Understand the influence of temporomandibular joint stress on your body's energy flow.


Constitutional Influence: Discover your unique constitutional factors and how they relate to your health.


Neurotransmitter Disturbance: Balance your neurotransmitters for improved mental and emotional well-being.


Environmental Sensitivity: Identify and address any sensitivities to environmental factors that may be affecting your health.


Food Sensitivity: Uncover dietary sensitivities that could be contributing to your energy imbalances.


Vitamins and Minerals: Ensure you're getting the right vitamins and minerals for your body's specific needs.


Cranial Suture: Explore the energetic balance of your cranial sutures, essential for overall vitality.


Dental Causation: Understand the potential energetic connections between dental issues and your well-being.


Herbs: Find personalized herbal remedies to support your body's energy balance.


Heavy Metals: Detect and address any heavy metal imbalances that could be affecting your health.


We go above and beyond, providing you with a comprehensive picture of your body's energetic state. Our system also formulates customised remedies to assist your body in restoring its natural energetic balance.


Take the first step towards vibrant health and vitality by sending us your hair or nail sample today. Your journey to energetic well-being begins here. Discover the power of energetic hair analysis and transform your life



  • Cut a clipping of hair and/or fingernails. 
  • Put into a sealed plastic bag - like a sandwich bag.
  • Ensure it is waterproof. 
  • Clearly include: 

              Full Name 

              Date of Birth 

              Email & Phone 


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