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We do not diagnose, treat or cure medical conditions. We do not replace qualified professional advice or treatment. We ask information discussed be researched and health professionals consulted.


This complementary and alternative medicine and practices and claims are in no way to be regarded as a first source alternative to orthodox medicinal advice and as such should be regarded as a second-tier response.


PLEASE NOTE: By booking with Brilin you automatically agree to our “No Show Fee & Cancellation Fee” policy, Terms and Conditions and Medical Disclaimer,


1: NO-SHOW – People who either cancel on the same day of the appointment or simply do not show up for the appointment will be subject to a “No Show/Cancellation Fee” being 80% of the appointment charge.


2: CANCELLATION up to the business day before the appointment – will be invoiced 50% of the appointment charge.


3: CANCELLATION up to two business days before the appointment – will be invoiced 25% of the appointment charge.


4: CANCELLATION up to three business days before the appointment - No Charge



Email: or call 0800 774 885 (leave a message if the lines are busy)



Unpaid Accounts


  1. By engaging in any service or product purchases from Brilin Ltd, the client agrees to theBrilin Ltd debt/cost recovery process.
  2. If a client require more time to pay the account, please email
  3. If the client does not pay the monies owing, the Brilin Accountants will begin a debt and cost recovery process.
  4. This will include an interest charge of 5% for any account overdue 60 days.
  5. Interest will accrue until all debt is recovered.
  6. Brilin may engage Debt Collection agencies and/or Law firms to recover debts and costs.
  7. You, the client agrees to completely indemnify Brilin Ltd for any costs associated with recovering monies owed to Brilin Ltd.
  8. Debt collection agencies may add fees such as 20% which will be the client’s responsibility to pay. All legal costs will be passed on to the client.

Brilin Wellness Support Centre

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