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What is Live Blood Analysis?


Live Blood Analysis is a technique used to visually examine a client's blood under a microscope. Although it is not a diagnostic test, it is an informative tool that enables practitioners to evaluate overall cell health, hydration levels, liver function, and other health indicators. Blood is responsible for delivering nutrients to cells and carrying waste products to the liver for processing and elimination, making it an essential component of our bodies. Using darkfield microscopy, practitioners can identify multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies, toxicity, allergic reactions, excess fat circulation, liver weakness, and hydration status.


What Does Live Blood Microscopy Entail?


Live Blood Microscopy is a simple and non-invasive procedure that involves placing a small amount of blood from the client's fingertip on a microscope slide, which is then covered with a glass slip to prevent it from drying out. The slide is then viewed under a dark-field microscope, which magnifies the blood thousands of times, and the image is projected onto a monitor for both the practitioner and client to view. This technique provides valuable information that can be used to evaluate the client's condition and prescribe supplements to correct any deficiencies or imbalances.


Live Blood Analysis is typically performed as part of a Functional Medicine visit, where practitioners evaluate clients for imbalances. If you are interested in learning more about this technique, please contact The Brilin Centre to schedule an appointment for a Live Blood Cell Analysis


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