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A Personal Journey of Discovery and Healing (by William Bisset)


Embarking on a discussion about cancer, particularly from an alternative and holistic perspective, is a daunting task. The conventional cancer industry is deeply entrenched in established practices, often guarded by strict regulations against unconventional claims. Simultaneously, the emergence of a somewhat dubious 'natural' industry has added complexity to the landscape of cancer treatment. Amidst these challenges, my journey into the exploration of alternative holistic cures for cancer began with a deeply personal and tragic catalyst.


The Personal Catalyst:


In 2008, my sister, a mother of seven, was given a dire prognosis—months to live due to cancer. This grim diagnosis marked the onset of a series of losses within my family as my parents and several other relatives succumbed to cancer. The profound impact of these experiences spurred me to commit my life to understanding the underlying factors driving such devastating diseases.


A Personal Investment:


Driven by a sense of urgency and determination, I invested substantial resources, both in terms of time and finances, to investigate various modalities and machines that purportedly exhibited efficacy in certain cases. This quest led me to the realization that a one-size-fits-all solution was elusive, prompting the development of foundations for cancer support that I believe to be indispensable.


Foundations of Cancer Support:


Through years of dedicated research, I have formulated what I consider a fundamental baseline for supporting any chosen pathway to healing. My conviction is that comprehensive discussions, lasting at least two hours, are essential to explore the myriad precursors and driving forces behind inflammation—the linchpin in the understanding of cancer.


Understanding Cancer:


Cancer, in my view, is not merely a diagnosis but a manifestation of intricate mechanisms and driving forces. To discern why some individuals survive while others succumb, it is imperative to delve into the root causes and underlying beliefs associated with the disease.


Belief Systems and Discipline:


I firmly believe that cancer can be prevented, halted, and even reversed. However, achieving these outcomes necessitates a partnership between the individual and their understanding of the mechanisms at play. It involves adopting a belief system followed by a disciplined approach to lifestyle, nutrition, and overall well-being.


The Power of Prevention:


In my practice, I passionately advocate for the potential to not only reduce the incidence of disease but also to 'save money' simultaneously. This philosophy emphasizes the crucial importance of addressing the underlying contributing factors to cancer rather than merely reaching for immediate solutions. By understanding and mitigating the root causes, individuals can proactively engage in their well-being, potentially reducing the burden of disease while making informed and economical choices for a healthier future.




The journey into alternative holistic approaches to cancer is both a scientific exploration and a deeply personal mission. It requires a shift in perspective, a commitment to understanding the complexities of the disease, and the adoption of a belief system coupled with disciplined lifestyle choices. As we navigate this intricate landscape, the hope is to empower individuals to take charge of their health and explore holistic avenues that may offer profound healing potential.

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