"My appointment with Ross was outstanding"

When I booked my appointment with Ross, I had no idea, the breadth of his wisdom and practise when in comes to the mechanics of the body, he knows more than anyone I have ever met. He went over and above to help me with my recovery for my healing ankle break. I also learned a wealth of knowledge about how the mind works as well, and when I left, I had some homework stretches and had more range of movement and a better perspective on life. A very interesting and passionate man on all things health​

"I was blown away by the information William shared"

"Recently I had an appointment with William.  I was blown away by the information he shared regarding my health issue.  Since arriving home I have started the protocol including diet to improve my health and already noticed improvements.This is a huge relief for me as I have suffered health problems for a long time and went through many tests over many years which did not help me.  Having a treatment under the Bioptron light has given me a boost in my energy and since coming home have been able to have the energy to do lots of physical work around the house that needed doing for a long time. Many thanks for your wonderful help William." Val H​

My cancer journey testimony for Brilin

Since 2019, I have been regularly attending the (Brilin) clinic, and now, four years later, I can confidently say that I have well and truly outlived the prognosis given to me by my doctor. While Brilin refuses to take credit for my progress, I personally believe that it was William's guidance, pathways, functional approaches and their treatments that have played a significant role in improving my health. I am so very grateful to haveI make it a point to tell everyone about the remarkable work they do. Even my family shares the stories of Brilin with others. It was my husband who found Brilin initially, after learning about a friend's positive outcomes in their kidney cancer journey with the Brilin center. Witnessing William help so many individuals over the years has solidified my belief in his positive and knowledgeable approach. In addition to attending the clinic, I have also participated in some of William's training workshops. These workshops have always been highly informative, allowing me to gain a deeper understanding of my condition and empowering me to take an active role in my healing process. Lastly, I would like to mention the wonderful personalities of William and Sherry. They are not only kind-hearted individuals but also have a great sense of humor. Whenever I see them, I can't help but have a giggle, which further adds to the positive atmosphere at Brilin.I am truly grateful for the Brilin Centre and the incredible support they have provided me on my cancer journey. The knowledge, care, and positive energy radiating from William and Sherry have been instrumental in my progress. I wholeheartedly recommend Brilin to anyone seeking holistic and empowering approaches to healing.Yours sincerelyMaureen Mcgregor​

Ross has a unique approach

I had a lingering leg and hip injury with torn ligaments that was stopping me from doing the tramping I love. Under the care of my physio I was making no progress. From the first time I saw Ross, I started to recover. He gave me some exercises to do at home too. I really enjoyed his bubbly personality, the knowledgeable conversation and his unique approach to massage​

I cant recommend him highly enough

I shattered both legs in a road accident and was left with almost constant hip pain. My doctor and physio told me it was arthritis that would only get worse, could only recommend pain killers and advised a hip replacement, something I did not want in my 30s. I was left taking pain killers each night to get to sleep. Over 10 years, I’d seen osteopaths, chiropractors, multiple physios and no one was able to help me achieve anything but temporary relief. Ross quickly identified that much of the pain was from the soft tissue around the hip, so he worked on the trigger points which gave almost instant relief. With his incredible knowledge he helped me understand exactly what the issues were, what was causing the pain, how to treat it and, even better, he gave me some amazing self treatment exercises to do at home. I haven’t taken pain killers since.  He has been instrumental in helping me avoid that hip replacement. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Sara Leadbetter'​


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