Testimonial from Lane

I recommend consulting William at the Brilin Centre to find out more about what is going on inside your body and what might help going forward.


The process was very straightforward- sitting holding handgrips connected to the computer with William in the room. I found the information to be inciteful, perceptive and helpful in taking my next steps forward to living my best life.


I found the dietary guidelines helpful and reflected the Blood Group Dietary guidelines for my blood group- without me identifying my blood group. I found the emotional subconscious comments on the mark as well of course as finding the body evaluations really helpful.


However mostly I found William’s ability to summarise and focus on the main next most important steps to take reassuring and beneficial. Subsequent to the initial analysis I have found Sherry to be helpful, knowledgeable and obliging.


I highly recommend the Brilin Centre for any thinking, proactive person who might like health support.    


Brilin Wellness Support Centre

Phone 0800 774 885