Testimonial from Doctor T D​

Dearest Sherry and William,


Thank you for having us as your clients at The Brilin Clinic.

We both attended ASYRA Assessment with William on 21 September 2021.


William dedicated generously his time for our assessment introducing us into the protocol and guiding us through the assessment with confidence of a devoted practitioner. His patience with detailed explanation of assessment linking the important points of our health history with the findings was only helpful, clear but still leaving to us to understand the essence of our past and current health condition. We felt fully supported realizing his heartful compassion and respect to our privacy.


The whole set up of The Brilin Clinic introduces one immediately upon the entry into the environment of loving and caring family. It opens the hearts with it’s invitation to those who are on the journey of searching for the balanced, harmonious and connected living in the present and reinvention of creative future.


The session of light therapy to (wife) with Sherry has had an immediate effect on the improvement and balance of her pineal gland activity. We are confident that supplements prescribed to us would only add to our successful journey supporting us in the achievement of our ultimate goal.


We are looking forward to return back for our review appointment.


Gratitude from the bottom of our hearts



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