Testimonial from John​

I was becoming rather anxious after feeling unwell for about four months, and a business colleague told me that they had visited the Brilin Centre, and were very impressed, so after an easy first contact through the website and a follow up email I very soon had an appointment.


On entering the Timaru Clinic and meeting William I immediately felt that I was in the right place. After giving William a brief history of my health issues he began the Asyra Bio-Feedback scan which is totally non-invasive and involved holding on to two brass rods for twenty minutes – the information provided from this is astounding, and forms the basis of the recommended course of action.


We talked non-stop for three hours, and finished the session with a Biopton Light treatment. I left convinced that this was the correct path to be on for me. The main points I find so reassuring right now are that it is absolutely non-invasive, and the goal is to return my body to a natural balance where it can deal with any uninvited guests the way it was designed to do – there are some changes in diet due, and a bottle of drops that address the electrical messaging system, and I am looking forward to feeling MUCH better very soon.


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Brilin Centre to a friend or colleague, and I am very grateful that I discovered them when I did.​



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DISCLAIMER: Brilin does not  claim to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition. We can only offer an informational support service. This is not intended to or to be a substitute for qualified health professional advice or treatment. Everyone is urged to further research for themselves the information discussed and consult with their own health professional.​ This complementary and alternative medicine and practices and claims are in no way to be regarded as a first source alternative to orthodox medicinal advice and as such should be regarded as a second tier response.

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