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Testimonial from Pauline​

I recently had my first consultation with William at the Brilin Centre. It quickly became the best step to better health that I have taken in a long time. 


William is extremely thorough and knowledgeable, using different tools and systems to hone in on how he can help return my vital health. There was no question he could not answer! I also liked he offered no 'quick fix' to longstanding issues  - I had to take responsibility to make some changes too. 


I was very impressed with the bio-energetic screening system which provides a comprehensive guide to what's working well and what is not in my body. I also had a 20min session with the Aplha-Stim which is a simple to use device that provides cranial electrotherapy stimulation.  This provided me with the deepest sleep I have had in years an increase in clarity of thought. I felt my brain had 'woken up'. 


I am very excited about my health journey with Sherry and William at the  Brilin Centre, Christchurch - a very warm and supportive environment. 


I am very grateful to have found them. 



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DISCLAIMER: Brilin does not  claim to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition. We can only offer an informational support service. This is not intended to or to be a substitute for qualified health professional advice or treatment. Everyone is urged to further research for themselves the information discussed and consult with their own health professional.​ This complementary and alternative medicine and practices and claims are in no way to be regarded as a first source alternative to orthodox medicinal advice and as such should be regarded as a second tier response.

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