Testimonial from Wendy​

Having a stubborn health issue that meant relying on steroids, which I did not wish to do long term, I have now discovered The Brilin Centre and to my delight I am finding my health issue diminishing before my eyes.


I have had two treatments and learned about alternatives to support my body to heal. Today I had a light therapy type of treatment which I have yet to see what changes, but lying down on that bed, my body instantly relaxed deeply.


William and Sherry conduct their business in a friendly, welcoming and professional manner and I feel completely confident that my health is in great hands. The technology is cutting edge and William is committed to updating frequently. The at home treatment does require me to be diligent each day with certain protocols, but seeing the results, I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to book in here - so go on - book in!​

Brilin Wellness Support Centre

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