Testimonial from ​Ko Anastasia

Absolutely blown away!


My 6 year old had frequent stomach pains for about 6 months, and was born with an umbilical hernia that hadn't changed at all.


After 2 weeks of doing Brilin drops her stomach aches were pretty much gone. We had about 3-4 visits a month apart, and she also got to do light therapy for the hernia at each appointment. The hernia was still there after 2 sessions, but then 2 months after that I noticed her hernia had disappeared!


The Asyra scan gave us great insight into her wellbeing and allowed us to adjust our selves accordingly in order to support her needs.


We have all grown so much since we first went, and our daughters wellbeing has improved dramatically (even though we didn't change our diet too much).


William and Sherry are very generous and genuinely Care about everyone's wellbeing. I cannot recommend their Centre highly enough.


Thank you so much team!!

Brilin Wellness Support Centre

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