I cant recommend him highly enough

I shattered both legs in a road accident and was left with almost constant hip pain. My doctor and physio told me it was arthritis that would only get worse, could only recommend pain killers and advised a hip replacement, something I did not want in my 30s. I was left taking pain killers each night to get to sleep. Over 10 years, I’d seen osteopaths, chiropractors, multiple physios and no one was able to help me achieve anything but temporary relief.


Ross quickly identified that much of the pain was from the soft tissue around the hip, so he worked on the trigger points which gave almost instant relief. With his incredible knowledge he helped me understand exactly what the issues were, what was causing the pain, how to treat it and, even better, he gave me some amazing self treatment exercises to do at home. I haven’t taken pain killers since. 


He has been instrumental in helping me avoid that hip replacement. I can’t recommend him highly enough.


Sara Leadbetter'

Brilin Wellness Support Centre

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