(by William Bisset - Director of Brilin) 


In 2008, my sister Linda was celebrating her seventh child. That celebration ended abruptly upon being diagnosed with cancer and was told she had months to live. 


Around the same time, mother had a stroke and it was discovered she too was riddled with cancer along with my father (who initially headed the project).


Sadly, all three passed away before the Brilin Project was fully developed. 


The name Brilin combines Brian Kenton’s name (an uncle who contributed the use of a building for a few years) and Linda my sister, therefore combining:


Brian + Linda forms BriLin  


Brilin today owes its success by attracting a range of passionate and dedicated people including health professionals who gave their time freely to help develop this unique and exciting project.   


Losing family to cancer motivated me to question the driving forces behind disease, therefore, I have dedicated my life to functional medicine and am committed to seeing the Brilin Project at the forefront of the healing industry.    


I will continue to research and share the latest developments in chronic degenerative diseases especially cancer.​

The Brilin Project - the begining

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