Your Healing Mindset​

You have a serious illness? You have decided to make every effort to recover and you are clearly seeking the best way to do this. While the choices you make depend heavily on your surrounding circumstances, you will undoubtedly want to explore every possible avenue. Whatever your direction, there appears to be one crucially important common factor.


A recent study by Harvard medical experts has uncovered clear evidence that 95% of our health problems have deeply buried roots in trauma and emotion. Granted, the two often quoted major causes of disease, nutrient deficiency and toxicity, need to be systematically and fully addressed.


Nonetheless, if 95% of the problem is entangled in deeply hidden trauma and emotion, then does it not suggest that a major effort may need to be pitched in this often-ignored direction? Many assume this means we need “a positive mental attitude” but is this really enough? Yearly, over seven million people, many consciously holding a positive mental attitude, die in misery from cancer alone - all under official medical direction. Granted, the treatment they have undergone could well be discussed but the focus here, just for the moment, is on the mindset. Hundreds of quite dramatic cases of 'mind over medicine' have been documented in medical literature, so why then, has holding a positive mental attitude so regularly failed so abysmally?


The master switch to healing is not in the mind but in the mindset. The greater power is heavily embedded in the underlying subconscious. A positive mental attitude just will not, in general, quickly override this rigidly fixed mindset. An underlying mindset easily 'drowns out' a consciously framed mental attitude.


Fight or Flight … Rest and Digest ...

When stressed, either in 'fight or flight', the body is loaded with the hormone cortisol. The sympathetic central nervous system does this. We talk of big and small stresses but our physical bodies do not give sizes to our stresses. Unresolved and disproportionately sustained stresses, whether big or small, biochemically, do the same bodily damage even if they are only fear-laden abstract thoughts. Nowadays, with so many stresses, our sympathetic nervous systems can be switched on by default! Worse, stress can create further stresses.


If you are told, for example, “You have cancer”, the nutrient demand soars by 400% and when the demand is not satisfied, more stresses rapidly take hold. When ill, we need to 'rest and digest'. The parasympathetic central nervous system takes on this role. It switches on the immune system vital for healing but it cannot begin work if sustained cortisol levels produced by often unrecognised big or small stresses, switch it off. Worse still, accumulating cortisol poisons the body - to even further exacerbate the diseased state.


Today, constant cortisol production swamps our bodies – there are poisons in adulterated and denatured commercial foods and drinks, we 'quick fix' with poisonous pharmaceuticals, we use agricultural and household chemicals, we throw nutrient-depleted food into microwave ovens, we drink chemically laden tap water, we use wifi, walkabout and cell phones, energy bulbs, transformers, battery chargers and circuit breaking gadgets, forgetting that 'safe' merely means 'safe marketing'.


Apart from a polluted planet, there are huge stresses, workplace pressures, loneliness, torn relationships, unfinalised finances, depression, anger, fear and guilt. Many things are too personal to openly discuss in our artificially false lifestyle. Any list of stresses is the tip of the iceberg.


Stresses arise everywhere. Even merely watching the TV news puts into the subconscious mind, a steady stream of often totally unrecognised stresses. The problem is realising just how we think. Our 'fight or flight' mechanism is supposed to return to the 'rest and digest' mode in 90 seconds but in a culture that files and enshrines stress the sympathetic nervous system automatically sends out cortisol while the immune system is largely switched off. Blaming society is no help.


Blaming yourself is no better. Blame gets nowhere. You may not be responsible for your sickness but to get well, you are responsible to it.



The Key Starting Point

To establish the vital tranquillity of the parasympathetic nervous system, the depths of the subconscious must first accept that it is possible to get well. Years ago doctors had told athletes that a four minute mile was impossible. Roger Bannister ignored them and in 3 minutes 59.4 seconds shattered the ivory towers of revered knowledge. To be told you are terminal is just an idea. In 1979, my mother had terminal cancer. Her doctor said to wind her affairs up. She came to Timaru.


We had to do something. We did. Her cancer eventually vanished. I later asked her why. An intelligent woman, she insisted it was not what we actually did, adding that what we did, we still needed to do”! Google 'Tomlinson, cancer, wheatgrass' and click the first listed site for the full story.


Building the Healing Mindset

* It is yours. You build it, not 'agree ' someone else knows it all.

* It enshrines new thought energy, not acquiesces with ideas.

* It is an 'open round table'. Quite new thoughts may prevail!

* You preside at that table and you decide what you want.

* You may get some advice from a doctor but you do not need


to swallow the mindset of consensus medicine (Einstein said, “A problem cannot be solved by the mindset that created it”). To have a precisely organised ketogenic diet, to take supplements, to exercise

regularly and sleep properly, to use electro-medical equipment and so on, is all 'well and good' but if most of the time you are fighting your disease instead of believing you are getting well, then the immune system – the essential key – is largely switched off. The first step is believing and relaxing - not fighting.


The fundamental step is to subconsciously KNOW you WILL get well. There is a wide variety of 'high tech' equipment at BriLin. There are participants there who have won back their health against incredible odds.


You can talk to them. However, the need to believe in the schedule chosen is a huge factor. To think 'things might not work', is shaky ground. To set things in place invite 'into' your mindset, one or two who resonate with your crystallised convictions – to support your journey by fully expecting you to spontaneously remiss. Working alone is not good and nor is the participation of those who, although consciously agreeing with you, are subconsciously disresonant in their own mindset: they are identified by the spirit of conflict with your belief


Using Your Healing Mindset

* Consult with your real doctor – your inner self. Many have discovered that nobody knows you better than you know yourself.

* Systematically 'diagnose' your lifestyle stress responses ready to reduce them and formulate relaxation responses to heavily expand them.

* Write a schedule for the altered lifestyle and keep a diary of progress. This may need the help of an astute support person.

* 'Talk to yourself' about your almost certain underlying rigidity.

Scientifically it is now known that genes respond to our environment!

Your rigidity may not be in your genes: it may be in yourself.



Passing the elephants, my friend was puzzled. These huge creatures were held by frail ropes on their legs. They could easily break away but they didn't try. My friend asked the trainer why. “Well”, he said, “when they are very small we used the same size rope to tie them and it was enough to hold them. They grew and conditioned themselves to believe they could not break away. They believe the rope can still hold them, so they never try to break away”. My friend was amazed. They could break free but believed otherwise to be stuck where they were. Their gigantic power was unused - by the limitations of their past.


How many of us cling to misery, deep down, believing that we cannot get well, simply because we were once told so! How many of us refuse to even attempt something new and challenging because of our mindset?


An attempt can fail but why fail to attempt? The boundaries and limitations of the past can either be accepted ... or rejected.


With the repeatedly affirmed healing mindset, nurturing support and strongly built relaxation responses, I believe that thoughtfully chosen good healing modalities can offer a 99% probability of recovery. If you would like more information, in particular on the healing mindset, contact the Brilin Centre


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